Inner Peace

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The Inner Peace has a subtle, light scent. Generates a lightness in mind after application. Bringing peace and calm to the mind. It is used to treat anxiety disorders

This rapé is made by a plant called Alfavaca da Mata which has the power to calm down and is Widely used for medicinal properties.
Thanks to the use of “Alfavaca da Mata” in the body, the energy balance is quickly restored, clearing negativity and accumulated emotions. This variety of rapé has a powerful effect and balances the energy flow at absolutely all levels.

The plant “Alfavaca da Mata” is the main component of this rapé variety and is used in the shamanic traditions of the Yanawana tribe. The mixture is prepared from the bark and roots of a tree that grows only in the ecologically clean forests of the Amazon. It is sacred, as it can cleanse the body at the spiritual and physical levels. Thanks to the effective cleansing of the astral body, the physical body also gets rid of diseases.

In addition to quickly eliminating energy blocks, this rapé benefits the central nervous system and improves blood circulation.

The result of the application is balanced, a sense of peace, spiritual fulfillment, harmony with the outside world, active, positive energy, and a healthy body at all levels.

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