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Tsunu Rapé, also known as Gaia Rapé, is a unique blend crafted by the Yawanawá tribe, featuring the powerful Pau Pereira tree bark. This Rapé is traditionally used for physical, emotional, and mental balance, offering a profound connection to nature and cleansing energy.

Benefits of Pau Pereira:

The Pau Pereira tree is revered in Brazil for its medicinal properties. Its bark contains an alkaloid called “pareirina,” known to support various health concerns, including:

Malaria Digestive issues Fevers Dizziness Tsunu Rapé Effects:

This Rapé blend is known for its grounding, cleansing, and protective qualities. It can help to:

Neutralize negative energy Enhance focus and clarity Connect with Mother Earth Open the third eye and decalcify the pineal gland Detoxify the body and spirit Rapé: A Traditional Tool for Well-being

Rapé is a sacred shamanic medicine used for centuries in the Amazon rainforest. Different blends offer various effects, from energizing to relaxing, depending on the plants and minerals used. Rapé is traditionally administered through the nostrils using a pipe, either by oneself or with a partner.

Experience the Power of Tsunu Rapé:

This potent Rapé is recommended for those with experience due to its strength. Explore its grounding and cleansing properties to enhance your spiritual journey and connect with the wisdom of the Yawanawá tradition.


This product is a botanical specimen for research and educational purposes only, not intended for human consumption.

Frequently Bought Together

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