Morning Meditation – Amazonian Mint




The Kuntanawa Tribe from Brazil crafts this unique rapé, a genuinely remarkable and aromatic creation that has captured our hearts. Comprising Sapota tree ashes and Amazonian Mint, this rapé offers a sensory delight. When applied, the mint’s refreshing essence invigorates and uplifts, simultaneously instilling a calming influence. This versatile rapé boasts numerous applications – it can induce a sense of tranquility in the mind, with noticeable effects throughout the body. It aids in relaxation, alleviating anxiety, and proves effective for respiratory issues and sinus congestion. It can also relieve stomach discomfort and nausea. Furthermore, this rapé serves as a potent tool for manifesting your desires; it amplifies the power of your thoughts. Ideal for morning meditation or any time you seek alignment, awakening, and centering, we wholeheartedly endorse this blend!

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